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Who We Are


Our mission is to consistently deliver industry-leading communication offerings that disrupt the landscape with creative, innovative, edgy, kick-ass, unrivaled, beautiful, smart, thoughtful multi-dimensional campaigns/designs highlighting the unique attributes of our clientele.

Value Proposition

Our CEO comes from the fast-paced fashion and boutique industry and understands branding, operations and project management. She is great with strategy, creative conceptualizing and seeing the big picture. Managing teams and meeting deadlines are a cinch coming from the demanding and pressure-filled world of fashion. Our CMO comes from the corporate side and understands both sides of the coin – what companies expect and how they operate, and also how agencies manage expectations of the companies they partner with. She is great with planning and execution. Having traveled the world, Dania and Vania have a deep understanding of different cultures, ways of thinking and expressing new ideas that come across through our team and in our work.

Ready to grow?

Our creative leadership

Senior team

As our Chief Marketing Officer, Vania oversees a lot of the digital marketing and advertising. Her corporate background working for companies such as Hanes and Sara Lee gives 360 an advantage to see things from the lens of the client. Vania loves to goof around sometimes. She enjoys traveling, creating and listening to art and music. She has two lovable but crazy teenagers who also happen to show each other love openly and frequently.

CEO and Co-Founder, Dania tackles operations, project management, strategic planning and internships. Dania comes from a fashion marketing and small business background. Her ability to see both the big picture and attention to detail, proves invaluable to the team. She enjoys being a well dressed image consultant, mother and also a unicorn.