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Founded in 2016 by Dania Ceruti and Vania Abdul-Badee in Moorestown, NJ, 360 Marketing & PR is a full service marketing, public relations and image consulting agency. We have over 20 years combined experience in brand, email and product marketing, social media, graphic design, website development, PR, image consulting and event planning.

Our mission is to engage each client, understand your stage of business, listen to the concerns, needs and challenges of your business, and create a unique experience specific to your goals. 

At 360, we believe that your input is an integral part of a successful execution.  We research and plan according to your stage of business - whether you need to Establish, create or grow it.

It's Your Turn. And we will take full advantage of each opportunity entrusted to us...Because your success is also our success.

Vania Abdul-Badee


    Have you ever wondered how a company like Nike is known worldwide simply by the swoosh? Creating a logo, choosing a color scheme, tag line, and overall attitude is all part of your branding and what sets your business apart from the rest. Branding is the most important aspect of any business and is essential in attracting and keeping customers in a smorgasbord of competing businesses. Bring us your vision and we'll turn it into reality for the world to see.
    What's the best way to get noticed by the community? PUBLICITY. Marketing alone is not sufficient when it comes to carrying positive stories about your company or products. Planning a grand opening or big event? Hired a new chef or stylist? Speaking at a community function? Public Relations is key to building and cultivating relationships with the public - your customers, stakeholders, the press. EVERYONE needs it and the success of your business depends heavily on the ability of your team to successfully understand the interests and concerns of your many "publics".
    Not sure what you should be posting? Content marketing involves the creation & sharing of online material (i.e. videos, blogs, social media posts). It's intended to create interest and increase engagement with followers and potential clients. We have 3 components to our CMS. EARNED MEDIA: Publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising, i.e. shares or reviews. OWNED MEDIA: Communication channels within one's control, such as websites, blogs, or email. PAID MEDIA: Paying for advertising, i.e. content promotion or social media ads.
  4. CRM
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. We offer lead nuturing, engagement capture, demographics and automation.
    We create content that is relevant to your brand and convey your specific message. We can schedule a month in advance and adjust as necessary, complete with video, gifs or images. We'll monitor interactions and questions, then alert you when it's imperative for you to respond. Finally, we analyze posts and interactions to determine best practices on content and timing.
    The saying is true, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Do you find yourself cringing at an employee's attire? Wished your account manager knew how to dress for a pitch meeting? Let 360 help you put your best foot forward, literally. We offer seminars, team building and personal shopping that allow you and your team to dress for success.

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